Block quotes with a blank line between them get merged

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Thu Oct 19 19:09:15 EDT 2006

Le 19 oct. 2006 à 18:05, Jacob Rus a écrit :

> I think that John's objection that this is not visible enough is

> not a strong enough reason to change the syntax to something that

> in the majority of cases is worse (i.e. would look ugly), and is

> only an improvement in the rare case of two consecutive code

> blocks, which can be quite sufficiently worked around by using the

> blank line convention).

John's proposal wasn't to change the syntax, but to create a second,
parallel syntax which can work in these situations. The old syntax
for code block would still work everywhere it works currently, the
new one could be used in ambiguous cases.

I'm not sure if John opposes the two blank lines rule or not; what
I'm sure is that he opposes taking into account the invisible
indentation of these blank lines into account. And I agree with that

Michel Fortin
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