MultiMarkdown 2.0.a Released

Michael Sheets mummer at
Thu Sep 14 07:06:50 EDT 2006

> Check out the MultiMarkdown page for more information. And if you

> use TextMate, I **highly** recommend you try out the new bundle and

> theme. I believe it will make it much easier to create

> MultiMarkdown documents, as well as to process them into other

> formats with minimal effort.

Is there any reason you've forked the entire Markdown bundle? The old
version of the Markdown grammar you used is especially troubling as
you've missed a ton of improvements we've made over the past month or
so. Great strides have been made in the area of bold/italics, nested
handling, block level content and such.

While forking the grammar itself was necessary, to support some of
the new items in MultiMarkdown, splitting off all of the commands and
snippets seems a touch extreme. With scopes we can customize commands
to fire off differently based on the root scope when needed.

Also, the new bundle items use overly-broad scopes. Several end up
firing in regular Markdown mode and some (e.g. the Latex commands)
don't have any scope at all, meaning they are active in every language.

Finally, the key bindings in the new MultiMarkdown bundle are in
conflict with several conventions we use for bundle commands.
"Increase Quote Level" for instance is ⌘' the commands for 'process'
use ⌘R and 'preview' is always ⌃⌥⌘P. The Latex related
commands conflict with the "Toggle Line Numbers" command.

I hope I don't sound too negative here, but I don't see the benefits
in forking the bundle, and it negatively impacts the existing bundle.
There is no reason they can't coexist if we are careful.
Additionally, by keeping the MultiMarkdown grammar integrated with
the official bundle, we can keep it in sync with the Markdown
grammar, and everyone can improve it. If you drop by ##textmate on
irc:// sometime, we'll see if we can't help you
merge what you've done into the official Markdown bundle. Until this
is fixed up, however, I can't recommend that TextMate users install
it because of the conflicts with Markdown and TextMate itself.

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