[ANN] PHP Markdown 1.0.2b7

John Gruber gruber at fedora.net
Sun Sep 17 19:11:03 EDT 2006

Michel Fortin <michel.fortin at michelf.com> wrote on 9/16/06 at 5:23 PM:

> Another big change is the automatic hashing of all Markdown-generated

> HTML content. Previous versions of PHP Markdown Extra were already

> doing this, but it was limited on block-level elements only and was

> done to have less call to make to the expensive html block parser.

> This has been ported to the more basic PHP Markdown, and in addition

> to hashing block-level content it now also hash span-level elements:

> this has the benefit of preventing bad nesting of elements, so

> something like this:


> *Some **strange* emphasis**


> will now give valid HTML:


> *Some <strong>strange* emphasis</strong>

That's interesting, and because the output is valid, it's probably
better than what Markdown.pl currently generates.

I've been thinking that a better solution for input like that
would be to generate markup like this:

<em>Some <strong>strange</strong></em><strong> emphasis</strong>

Which is more of a "do what I mean" solution. However, I've given
no thought whatsoever to how this would be done algorithmically.

> * Made the block-level HTML parser smarter using a

> specially- crafted regular expression capable of handling

> nested tags.

A single pattern that matches nested tags?!

$me == "downloading now";


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