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Mon Sep 18 16:52:12 EDT 2006

* Jelks Cabaniss <jelks at> [2006-09-18 19:05]:

> Wrapping scripts inside `<!-- -->` started mid nineties to

> "hide" scripts from JS-unaware browsers. Even though there

> aren't any such beasts any more, a number of people still

> blindly do it. But an XML parser will choke on `--` inside

> comments, so it's probably best to get in the habit of using

> CDATA sections for Javascript.

Worse, apps using a real XML parser will be completely blind to
that content. It is, after all, commented out…

This is an FAQ of people who first start using real XHTML and
reflexively wrap their CSS in comment markers. Result: no styles
are applied, because the browser never sees them.

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