Tightening the rules for literal `[` and `]` chars in link ids

John Gruber gruber at fedora.net
Mon Sep 25 15:19:47 EDT 2006

John Gruber <gruber at fedora.net> wrote on 9/25/06 at 3:09 PM:

> My thinking is that this can be solved by changing the rules for

> link IDs to state that they can only contain embedded literal

> brackets if (a) they're properly nested; or (b) they're backslash

> escaped.


> Objections or suggestions?

My other thoughts, I should add:

* We could also just tighten the rules for link ref IDs all the
way, and outright ban literal `[` and `]` chars in the IDs.

* Even if we allow them, it might be easier, both in terms of
code and documentation, to simply state that they must be

After a few more minutes of thought, I'm having a hard time coming
up with a good reason why `[` and `]` shouldn't just be banned
characters for link ref IDs.


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