Tightening the rules for literal `[` and `]` chars in link ids

Jacob Rus jrus at hcs.harvard.edu
Mon Sep 25 17:48:44 EDT 2006

Michel Fortin wrote:

> That's why I think it'd be better to solve this while still allowing

> nested brackets.


> The other reason for supporting nested brackets is that they are already

> supported for the content of the link, which is often the same as the

> definition name. How unnatural would this be if you had to :


> In [his [distorted] view][], this isn't something to worry about.


> [his \[own\] view]: http://something.com/

What's wrong with just forcing users to write:

In [his [distorted] view][hisview], this isn't something to worry

[hisview]: http://something.com

I really don't get the advantage of having absurd reference names.


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