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Subj.: Use of Markdown Extra in a forum
Date : Apr 19th 2007, 15:24:25 (GMT+7)

Dear all,

I have tried to implement PHP Markdown Extra in a forum (PunBB) and found that however well each message is translated, there are collisions when different messages in the same page have the same inside link names (footnotes, title links).

I guess similar issues are met on wiki implementations, so solutions adopted for wikis might be what I am looking for.

Has this question already been met?

May I suggest the addition of an _option_ to add a key to each link or link pair (`[^1]` and `[^1]: ...` for instance), that could help insulate each message from its neighbors?

I could be done by defining a random 6-8-char key for each instance of PHP Markdown, and appending or prepending it to the name of each element in the html output.


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