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Tue Aug 28 13:08:59 EDT 2007

Le 2007-08-28 à 5:27, Andrea Censi a écrit :

> No, there isn't room for improvement. Because of the successive

> regexps being applied over and over again, it's quite hard to make one

> little change in the syntax without screwing up something down the

> line.

That's not really true anymore with PHP Markdown. Since 1.0.1d, all
generated HTML (or embedded HTML found) is hashed to a simple text
token which appear as a simple word to subsequent regular
expressions. That is, for instance, how it avoids misnesting elements
(such as in `*this **this* this**`). So unless you have a regex that
messes up with the content of words, you don't have to worry about
what the other parsing phases have done or will do, you just do what
you need to do to the text and wrap the finished result behind a hash.

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