Great work!

John MacFarlane jgm at
Sun Dec 9 14:33:20 EST 2007


You might also have a look at pandoc:
It already supports tables, definition lists, footnotes, superscripts,
subscripts, strikeout, automatic tables of contents, smart punctuation,
etc. See also:

- PHP Markdown Extra:
- Maruku:
- MultiMarkdown:
- Asciidoc:

Since you write technical things, you might also appreciate that
pandoc allows you to include TeX math, for example:
$\pi \approx 22/7 = 3.142857$, $\gamma = \frac{1}{\sqrt{1 - v^2/c^2}}$.
In pandoc 0.45, which will be released later today, you'll be able
to choose from four different methods for rendering TeX math in HTML:

- approximation using unicode
- ASCIIMathML (uses MathML, works only with better browsers)
- mimeTeX (converts equations to images)
- gladTeX (converts equations to images)

Pandoc also supports output in formats other than HTML -- LaTeX,
ConTeXt, PDF, RTF, reStructuredText, groff man, S5, and DocBook XML --
and conversion TO markdown from HTML, LaTeX, and reStructuredText.


+++ Jonathan Coxhead [Dec 08 07 04:31 ]:

> I've just spent a happy couple of days writing a text file for formatting with

> Markdown. The results are phenomenal! It's easy to write, and attractive to

> read. I'll try to send a Christmas present to the writer :-)


> But when I looked at the perl source, I also found that it was small and

> well-structured. Of course, I couldn't resist adding a few things that appealled

> to me. I'll share them here in case anyone has comments ...


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