[ANN] Showdown -- A javascript port of Markdown

Jacob Rus jrus at hcs.harvard.edu
Wed Feb 28 02:23:02 EST 2007

John Fraser wrote:

> I've just posted the first public version of Showdown, a full

> javascript port of Markdown. It's 10KB and works in all major

> browsers. Try out the sample app:


> <http://www.attacklab.net/showdown-gui.html>


> Developers can use Showdown to:


> * Add in-browser preview to existing Markdown applications


> Showdown's output is (almost always) identical to

> markdown.pl's, so the server can reproduce exactly

> the output that the user saw. (See below for

> exceptions.)

If this markdown parsing can be done in real time in javascript, we
should also be able to extend this to do real-time syntax highlighting
on the markdown entry box, or am I wrong? Because that would be
extremely cool!


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