[ANN] Showdown -- A javascript port of Markdown

Jon Noring jon at noring.name
Wed Feb 28 13:41:07 EST 2007

Andrea wrote:

> John Fraser wrote:

>> I've just posted the first public version of Showdown, a full

>> javascript port of Markdown. It's 10KB and works in all major

>> browsers. Try out the sample app:


>> <http://www.attacklab.net/showdown-gui.html>

> I have a dream: when I receive a message in my web-based email reader

> (gmail), something detects whether the sender used Markdown

> conventions, and in that case the message gets converted to HTML.

Following Bowerbird's message it is interesting to consider plug-ins
for browsers that can take a variety of markdown formats and directly
render them. But this requires that the markdown format can be
unambiguously identified. Maybe there's some "standardized" way by
which to identify the markdown format?

Jon Noring

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