[Blosxom-users] Blosxom + Markdown problem: randomised email links break RSS, Atom

Ron Hale-Evans rwhe at ludism.org
Fri Jun 15 03:44:45 EDT 2007

On 6/13/07, Kevin Scaldeferri <kevin at scaldeferri.com> wrote:


> On Jun 9, 2007, at 12:26 PM, Ron Hale-Evans wrote:


> > As described here, "Markdown will... perform a bit of randomized

> > decimal and hex entity-encoding to help obscure your address from

> > address-harvesting spambots" on automatic email address links like

> > <rwhe at ludism.org>.

> > ...

> > I grepped the content tree for my blog. The problem posts were the

> > _only_ ones that contained my address in this form. Apparently the

> > random entity-encoding generated by Blosxom kept changing and causing

> > these entries to reappear in my feeds.

> >

> > ...

> >

> > I can't believe no one else has experienced this problem before, but I

> > can't find any previous reference to it. Does anyone have any comments

> > on this problem? Is it likely to be fixed?


> Since you cross-posted, it's not clear to me who you are expecting to

> "fix" this. It doesn't seem like a problem in Blosxom, though. The

> content of your posts is changing, readers see that and mark the

> changed content as new again. I can see that from your point of view

> this is a mis-feature of markdown, but it doesn't seem that blosxom

> could do anything to help you here.

First, I'm glad you answered, Kevin. Thank you. Second, it strikes me
that this is a Blosxom/Markdown incompatibility, and therefore a
problem for _both_ the Blosxom and Markdown developer communities. If
no one wants to fix (or "fix") it, it should at least be documented. I
am a technical writer by trade and will be happy to document the
problem if someone will point me to the documentation leads for both

Ron H-E

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