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Sat Jun 16 09:20:16 EDT 2007

Le 2007-06-15 à 19:49, Phil Mocek a écrit :

>> Specifically, what happens if I change the page URL to PHP

>> Markdown Extra some day?


> You'll create many broken links, causing trouble for everyone

> who has ever linked to your page. Please don't do that.

Redirection can handle older links fine. The question is: will people
begin to use the new URL as the profile? will tools need to be aware
the two URLs are aliases? Note that this is already a problem since
there is *two* URLs for that page, one with "www" in the domain and
one without.

The general idea is that the name is likely to be meaningful longer
than the URL. I can't guaranty the URL will hold indefinitely; bad
things happen sometime. But Markdown Extra, the syntax's name,
already has it's own [Wikipedia entry][1]. It's also much easier to
remember "Markdown Extra" -- or "text/x-markdown.extra" -- than a URL
and the syntax for writing the profile attribute in the MIME type.


If you really want a unique and permanent URI, I can probably arrange
things so that something like this:

can refer to the relevant documents, as long as I maintain my site.
That'd be mostly the same as what the W3C does for XML namespaces:
put a document at that URL that points to the related specifications.

But as I said, I don't really see the point in using a URL: it's much
more cumbersome for not much added benefit.

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