Revisiting mime-types and file extensions

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Thu Jun 21 15:11:13 EDT 2007

Le 2007-06-21 à 9:45, Thomas Nichols a écrit :

> This would allow us to chop the fragment identifier --

> '#major.minor' --

> from the end of a profile, and match it against

> /\#(|v|ver)\d+\.\d+$/

> or similar.

I thought you needed an opaque URL to identify a specific version...
treating URLs as anything else than an opaque string or a location
reference, by inferring extra information from it, isn't a very good
idea in my opinion. I'd use a separate version argument on the MIME
type if I were you, because it doesn't force anyone to follow your
own rules when crafting their URLs.

> I'm assuming that version IDs will have a standard

> major.minor.bugfix format and that we can disregard the third

> element as irrelevant to the specification.

I think you've just made two big and possibly flawed assumptions.
Just have to look at the changes for Markdown 1.0.1 and it's easy to
spot a few important ones, like these two:

> + Changed the syntax rules for code blocks and spans. Previously,

> backslash escapes for special Markdown characters were processed

> everywhere other than within inline HTML tags. Now, the contents

> of code blocks and spans are no longer processed for backslash

> escapes. This means that code blocks and spans are now treated

> literally, with no special rules to worry about regarding

> backslashes.


> **NOTE**: This changes the syntax from all previous versions of

> Markdown. Code blocks and spans involving backslash characters

> will now generate different output than before.


> + Tweaked the rules for link definitions so that they must occur

> within three spaces of the left margin. Thus if you indent a link

> definition by four spaces or a tab, it will now be a code block.


> [a]: /url/ "Indented 3 spaces, this is a link def"


> [b]: /url/ "Indented 4 spaces, this is a code block"


> **IMPORTANT**: This may affect existing Markdown content if it

> contains link definitions indented by 4 or more spaces.

These are two big changes for a x.x.1 release.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at

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