Make --html4tags the default?

A. Pagaltzis pagaltzis at
Wed May 2 21:42:18 EDT 2007

* Shawn Medero <soypunk at> [2007-05-03 01:20]:

> One problem with this is... I don't have hard numbers but I'm

> guessing like 90% of CMS systems that support plugins like

> Markdown are XHTML based

Putting the XHTML DOCTYPE at the top of a page is meaningless and
does not make that page XHTML, but that’s the extent to which
CMSs generally “support” XHTML. All every last one of them pushes
tagsoup, even those that disingeniously label it “XHTML”.

> To make Wordpress HTML 4.01 compliant you have to roll your

> sleeves up and alter the source code.

Yes, and to make it XHTML 1.0 compliant you have to do even more
work. Out of the box, Wordpress produces tagsoup.

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