Flat code block syntax

Bruce Phillips bruce at macscripter.net
Mon Oct 8 11:52:37 EDT 2007

>>> I'm not sure the indentation feature is so useful. After all, you

>>> can use the old syntax if you want indentation. What do you think?


>> I'd prefer to keep it simple and leave out the indentation feature.

I would also prefer to leave this out.

>>> Perhaps an alternative would be to use ++++s instead of ~~~~s.

>> Advantages: Not currently used for anything in markdown or

>> extensions,

>> vertically centered on the line in most fonts. Disadvantage: ugly?


> Ugly indeed. What I've seen used for that is a line of dash: ----,

> but that would trigger a horizontal line and I don't feel like

> overriding that.

Dashes are also used by Setext headers.

Though not visually appealing, are there any (technical) thoughts on
backticks (which are currently used for <code>)?

"Hello, code!"

What about colons?


"Hello, code!"


Bruce Phillips

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