An Extra for Python (was: Re: seemingly no good way to end bulleted list and start code block)

Yuri Takhteyev qaramazov at
Mon Oct 8 16:01:50 EDT 2007

The python markdown project had been stagnating until recently due to
the lack of time on my part. Waylan now agreed to start helping out
with the project, so we'll hopefully be making some progress in terms
of triaging old tickets, setting up and updating a new wiki, etc.

In terms of "Extra", the thing to do would be to have all of the
"Extra" features available as an extension or a set of extensions. If
anyone is interested in helping, hop onto our mailing list. In
general, I've been hoping to make it into more of a community project,
since I no longer have the time to maintain it on my own. Again, the
list is at

- yuri

Yuri Takhteyev

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