First Markdownify Beta released

Andy Fragen lists at
Mon Oct 8 18:30:49 EDT 2007


This is great. But I have a question. Are you going to add a method
of running this in the browser offline like with html2text? Even
something like the demo.php page included with the set.

Andy Fragen

On Oct 7, 2007, at 11:17 PM, Milian Wolff wrote:

> I finally released the first Beta of Markdownify - the HTML to

> Markdown

> converter for PHP. It is the successor to the old `html2text.php`

> and is much

> more stable. It's pretty much a complete rewrite and supports all

> Markdown

> and PHP Markdown Extra syntax features.


> This package only contains three classes:


> 1. `parsehtml.php`: a HTML parser I wrote

> 2. `markdownify.php`: the Markdownify Class for standard Markdown

> syntax

> 3. `markdownify_extra.php`: the analogous class for PHP Markdown

> Extra syntax


> How to use Markdown can be read on it's website:

> <>


> There's also a little demo page which highlights differences:

> <>

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