Nested lists and blank lines

David Reimer djreimer at
Fri Oct 12 15:16:46 EDT 2007

I have recently begun using Markdown + PHP Md Extra + SmartyPants in
the Symphony XML-based CMS. I'm not sure if this is a Symphony
question, or one that can be answered here. I hope someone will tell
me. :) I've done my best to find an answer in the online
documentation, but drawn a blank.

When I use nested lists -- it doesn't matter whether <ol> or <ul>,
there is always a blank line forced after the second level list is
complete before returning to level one. Examples:

Ex. 1:
1. one
2. one-one
2. one-two
1. two
1. three

Ex. 2:
- first
- second
+ and this
+ and that
- third

Ex. 1:
1. one
1. one-one
2. one-two

2. two
3. three

Ex. 2:
* first
* second
o and this
o and that

* third

Ex. 1:



Ex. 2:

<li>and this</li>
<li>and that</li>


Is the "blank line" expected? Can I get rid of it?!

Thanks for any help with this!
David Reimer
Edinburgh, UK
djreimer at

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