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Wed Feb 13 20:59:02 EST 2008

Le 2008-02-13 à 18:57, Waylan Limberg a écrit :

> Which implementation of markdown are you using (perl, php, python,

> ruby...)? The answer would depend to a large extent upon that.


> For example, Python-Markdown has a fairly simple extension api [1] for

> just that sort of thing, but to my knowledge, no other implementation

> shares anything that closely resembles it.


> [1]:

With PHP Markdown you can create a subclass and add processing methods
in a similar way. It's not much documented at this time, but if you
download PHP Markdown Extra you can look at the MarkdownExtra_Parser
class (subclass of Markdown_Parser) which is using the extension API
to add its extra features.

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