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Thu Feb 28 12:16:39 EST 2008

* Joseph Lorenzo Hall <joehall at> [2008-02-28 00:40]:

> As many of you know, when a piece of open-source software

> languishes with bugs for 3 years it's often forked

No, that’s not what I know.

What I know is that projects get forked if they have developers
who irreconcilably disagree with the current maintainer about the
future direction of the project. (If the current maintainer has
gone AWOL, that’s merely a special case of this scenario.) But
the new maintainer comes first, and the decision to forks comes
afterwards, because without a new maintainer, there is no fork.


> I'm not volunteering (I'd be horrible)... just seeing if it's

> time to have that discussion.

If you’re not volunteering and no one else does, then “having
that discussion” is pretty pointless.

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