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Le 2008-02-28 à 18:04, Yuri Takhteyev a écrit :

> I am sure will make life much simpler for those using

> Markdown with Perl. As a maintainer of a markdown module in a

> different language, however, I am not as excited about the idea of a

> new "official" implementation.

Same here.

> ... And if keeps evolving (which it should), does

> this mean that we would now be on the hook for diffing

> code daily to find out what new features has become official?

That's how I've been keeping in sync with while it was
updated (diffing each release). This is practical only when the code
is kept pretty similar, as in PHP Markdown vs.

> Note that I am not against the new features in Markdown Extra. I

> added

> some of them in and I would add more or even all if we

> could agree to make them official. But I want to implement them

> against a spec, not against a perl module. I also think some of those

> features should be discussed first.

Hum, while it's difficult to spec Markdown because its author doesn't
seem so much interested, I think creating a spec for Markdown Extra is
possible. I could host it on my website, alongside PHP Markdown Extra,
and I could change PHP Markdown Extra to fit that spec. It'll take
some time to write though, and I'm not sure in what form the grammar
should be expressed, but I suppose it could be done.

> Perhaps there is a need for a better _perl_ implementation (or a few,

> competition is fun), but as far as "official" goes, we need a

> comprehensive and up-to-date spec and a test suite against which all

> implementations could be measured.

I'm maintaining MDTest for that. If anyone wants a new test case to be
added to MDTest, I'll gladly accept it. If anyone wants to dispute one
of MDTest's expected result, I'm open to discussion, preferably on
this list so that everybody can take part.

Although it's lacking its proper web page, MDTest and its download
location have been previously announced on this list. Here are a few
interesting links about MDTest:

- First version announcement:
- Latest release announcement:
- Download link for latest release:
- GIT repository:

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