replacing " with "

Yuri Takhteyev qaramazov at
Sat Jan 5 10:29:22 EST 2008

I agree with Michel, that it's better to not escape things where it's
not necessary.

If you want to fix it, the place to do is the method
Document.normalizeEntities(), which is now called in two places:

1. in Element.toxml() separately for each attribute
2. in TextNode.toxml() for the whole thing

The quickest fix would be to add an extra keyword parameter to this
function: something like "skip_quotes" and call with this parameter in
the second case. Note that "<", ">", and "&" need to be replaced in
both cases.

- yuri

On Jan 5, 2008 4:51 AM, Michel Fortin <michel.fortin at> wrote:

> > So, my question is: Which implementation do you consider correct

> > and why?


> I'd say both are correct since, within HTML or XML character data, a

> character entity is semantically equivalent to the litteral character

> it represents. But for the sake of compatibility with other

> processing tools, I'd avoid using an entity for strait quotes (or any

> other character for that matter) when it's not necessary.


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