Possible bug in handling of HTML comments

Fletcher T. Penney fletcher at fletcherpenney.net
Fri Jan 18 18:09:43 EST 2008

I was hoping for a more elegant solution (such as not encoding them in
the first place), but for now I guess this will do. I will add this
to the next version of MultiMarkdown as well.

Thanks Tomas.

Fletcher Penney

On Jan 14, 2008, at 1:05 PM, Tomas Doran wrote:


> On 14 Jan 2008, at 02:08, Fletcher T. Penney wrote:


>> It appears that the _EncodeAmpsAndAngles routine is being run over

>> the comments, converting & and < to the HTML markup.


>> I tried adding & and < to $g_escape_table, and then protecting

>> them. This seemed to work, but caused other problems and is

>> clearly not a viable solution.


>> So it looks like there would have to be a specific mechanism in

>> place for leaving comments alone, am I correct?



> Yep, totally correct.


> I'm about to add this into Text::MultiMarkdown (will be in the 1.0.8

> release on CPAN in a week or two) - I've attached the diff that I've

> made to make this work (and test it).


> Please yell if you can think of a better / prettier / quicker way of

> doing it? ;)


> It's another case that shows up how building a parse tree would be a

> better approach (as we wouldn't need to do, then undo the encoding)

> - but what I have appears to work right now...


> Cheers

> Tom


> <

> ampsandanglesinhtmlcomments

> .diff>_______________________________________________

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