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Sat Jun 7 11:42:53 EDT 2008

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* Kragen Javier Sitaker <kragen at> [2008-06-07 09:40]:

> Stylesheeting comes naturally. I just put a `<style>` element

> at the top with a few lines inside of it to format nicely.

Note that Markdown ends up wrapping `<link>` and `<style>`
in `<p>` tags, arguably erroneously. Weirdly, it looks like
Python-Markdown should avoid that mistake:

* <>
* <>

But at the top of <> the
problem shows up anyway.

Of course, neither tag has any business being in the HTML body;
they should both be in the head. Since you’re loading
BeautifulSoup anyway, you probably want to include that as fix-up
step in your postprocessing.

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