spaces and newlines before list markers (was: evolving the spec)

Már Örlygsson mar.nospam at
Mon Mar 3 07:04:50 EST 2008

Aristotle Pagaltzis <pagaltzis at> wrote:

> > What about setting "value" on each "li" instead?


> Equally deprecated.

The HTML spec authors have admitted that they believe this particular
change was a mistake on their behalf.

All browsers support the value attribute on <ol> <li>s, and there are
numerous real world use-cases for allowing continuations of ordered

I for one, would like to see markdown support...

1. ordered
2. lists

that interrupt and then continue

3. like
4. this

Basic support for implied <ol type=""> attributes would also be nice...

A. like
B. this
C. where the third item refers to list-item "A" above
(which becomes non-sensial if the browser renders
the list as 1. 2. 3...)


i. like
ii. this
iii. as well

...although I realise that over-zealous auto-detection algorithms
would cause problems with sencences/lines starting with an abbrivated
proper name like this:

A. Lincoln was an US president, and Lyndon
B. Johnson was another.


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