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Mon Mar 3 16:13:27 EST 2008

Sorry for the delay in responding, the weekend happened - and it
mostly involved moving my brother in law house rather than reading

On 29 Feb 2008, at 16:04, david parsons wrote:

> In article <931A108A-0D2B-4B82-A5CA-81DE3C414494 at>,

> Tomas Doran <markdown-discuss at> wrote:

>> Text::Markdown *does not* extend the original Markdown syntax *in any

>> way*.


> Yes. you said "and Text::MultiMarkdown" which provoked

> my comments. I'm sorry -- I misunderstood you.

No worries :)

They're actually using the same codebase, and currently
Text::Markdown is a reasonably nasty hack to switch all the
MultiMarkdown additions off...

In the longer term, I'm trying to find a more parser-like way of
doing things, so that each module becomes just a composition of a
number of 'features'. You can then trivially extend (or even build
your own variant of a makrdown-like language) by compositing the
features differently to one of the default dialects..

But a complete parser re-write is a long way off (as I don't have
that much time), but whilst I'm slowly getting there - it'd be great
to have a spec / test suite evolve from the community that was solid
enough that I had confidence that the rebuilt parser was going to "do
the right thing" in the same way as both the original and other

> What I'd love, too, is to see is to have the spec nailed down and

> blessed by John Gruber, at the very least so people don't have to

> trawl through markdown.discuss and 30 or so individual

> implementations to figure what the state of the art is. It's

> somewhat less ego-ridden than replacing the reference spec.

Spec and test suite, but yes, totally.

As I've already stated, I'll be jumping on any bandwagons that emerge
from this discussion, as will a number of the other people on the
list who are maintaining markdown implementations, so I'm extremely
pleased, as 'the community' seems to actually be moving forward in a
really positive way. :)


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