on the philosophical aspects of a specification

david parsons orc at pell.portland.or.us
Mon Mar 3 23:45:34 EST 2008

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>however, implementers can reach agreement easily,

>by leaving users out in the cold, brushing them off

>with a "you will need to follow the spec" which seems

>-- if i understand markdown's cornerstone correctly --

>to be outside gruber's comfort range for his creation...

I've looked at this paragraph several times and I still have no idea
what you're talking about.

If a user says "I want paragraphs to start with an explicit
paragraph symbol and all newlines to force a <br/>" , I *will* brush
them off with a "you will need to follow the spec" because that's not
how Markdown works. I can't imagine any other way to actually write
the language.

-david parsons

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