on the philosophical aspects of a specification

Vinay Augustine vinay at case.edu
Wed Mar 5 13:46:13 EST 2008

> My only other concern is when stepping back out of the nesting.

> Suppose we have the following list:


> * no spaces - level 1

> * 4 spaces - level 2

> * 6 spaces - level 3

> * 2 spaces - level 1.5 ???


> Obviously, that would break. But what's the best way to handle that? I

> do *not* think backtracking through the list and reorganizing the list

> levels is a reasonable option. Perhaps, that last line should be root

> of a *new* list. What do you think?


With the rule just proposed, wouldn't the last line simply be level 2?
I think this rule has the bonus of being obvious. If it doesn't do
what someone expects, they can look at what they wrote and say "oh, as
long as I indent more than the previous level, it will make a
sub-list." (of course, that could just be obvious since we're talking
about it).


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