on the philosophical aspects of a specification

david parsons orc at pell.portland.or.us
Thu Mar 6 13:48:46 EST 2008

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>> Le 2008-03-04 à 13:15, david parsons a écrit :

>> > But what's the intent of ***hello*, sailor** ?

>So, the question is: Would you ever see **mismatched *asterisks***

>intentionally written in plain text email?

>I don't think so, because it doesn't make intuitive sense. And if I

>can't make sense of the plain text, why should Markdown define one

>interpretation as being correct?

And thus the argument that we can't more accurately define the
existing language because it will make things unintuitive is not
really a feasable one (which is sort of the point that I was
muddling towards before you wrote it much more clearly.)

-david parsons

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