on the philosophical aspects of a specification

Andrea Censi andrea at censi.org
Thu Mar 6 14:20:25 EST 2008

> Maybe what is needed is some kind of syntax checker to run the source

> through to point out to users where there are errors and/or confusing

> markup. This could be a separate function from markdown itself, like

> markdown-lint, or a separate output option of markdown. A separate

> function would keep the markdown parser smaller. A syntax checker would

> also help users identify what the problem is when they get unexpected

> results.

Maruku, which uses a parser, does warn[^1] the user if something
strange is read (unclosed */**, not valid XML, unclosed ![...], etc.).
Some users wrote me that they really liked such feature because it
helped them to write proper documents.

[^1]: via stderr for command-line maruku; via a callback when maruku
is used as a library.

Andrea Censi
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