Seumas Mac Uilleachan seumas at
Sat Mar 15 22:57:59 EDT 2008

LOL that was actually funny :) (No the number is still 42)

Seriously, it is easy to get up in arms when your "creation" ends up
becoming bastardised, whatever the form that may take (for better or for
worse). To be honest, I have not really seen for myself that
MultiMarkdown has a whole lot to offer, but that's just my opinion. Of
course perl tends to give me a headache so I really can't be all that
objective (I really tend to understand PHP better). I really like the
fundamentals of Markdown, that what you type is basically what you will
more or less see in a browser viewing the text...

However, if you (JG) are willing to let this beautiful creation of yours
stagnate, then you should not take offense when others take up the plate
(however tarnished) and take a couple baby steps forward...

Joseph Lorenzo Hall wrote:

> On Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 7:25 PM, Joseph Lorenzo Hall <joehall at> wrote:


>> good stuff... gruber's an asshole, as far as I can tell. best, Joe



> Damn. Well, I didn't intend for that to go out to the entire list. I

> apologize, but I also found the recent response to be harsh. I'll be

> more careful with my `To:` lines in the future. best, Joe

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