Jacob Rus jacobolus at
Sun Mar 16 15:07:21 EDT 2008

Tomas Doran wrote:

> John Gruber wrote:

>> Tomas Doran wrote:


>>> I'm actively maintaining the CPAN modules Text::Markdown, and

>>> Text::MultiMarkdown, and longer term, I'd like these to become the

>>> canonical distribution.


>> I despise what you've done with Text::Markdown, which is to more or

>> less make it an alias for MultiMarkdown, almost every part of which I

>> disagree with in terms of syntax additions.


> Wow, that's pretty strong language. I'm glad I'm provoking strong

> opinions, and it's nice to see you actively contributing to Markdown's

> direction ;)

It’s harsh but reasonable language in my opinion. If you are going to
make something which is not Markdown (i.e. has other bits of syntax not
specified in John's description of that language), then you should call
it by a name other than “Markdown”.


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