Tomas Doran bobtfish at
Sun Mar 16 17:07:13 EDT 2008

On 16 Mar 2008, at 19:07, Jacob Rus wrote:

> Tomas Doran wrote:

>> John Gruber wrote:

>>> Tomas Doran wrote:


>>>> I'm actively maintaining the CPAN modules Text::Markdown, and

>>>> Text::MultiMarkdown, and longer term, I'd like these to become

>>>> the canonical distribution.


>>> I despise what you've done with Text::Markdown, which is to more

>>> or less make it an alias for MultiMarkdown, almost every part of

>>> which I disagree with in terms of syntax additions.

>> Wow, that's pretty strong language. I'm glad I'm provoking strong

>> opinions, and it's nice to see you actively contributing to

>> Markdown's direction ;)


> It’s harsh but reasonable language in my opinion. If you are going

> to make something which is not Markdown (i.e. has other bits of

> syntax not specified in John's description of that language), then

> you should call it by a name other than “Markdown”.

Text::Markdown, as stated several times previously on the list *does
not* have any additional syntax, it behaves *just like* original
brand Markdown. I *am not* dressing up mutton and calling it lamb...
So sorry - but you've got totally the wrong end of the stick here.

The internals of how this is implemented currently leave a lot to be
desired - i.e. it's basically something which extends Markdown
(Text::MultiMarkdown), with all the extra features turned off, and
that, I believe was John's objection.

This is in the process of being fixed currently, and a new version
which fixes the non user visible, internal code layout issues should
be going up within the next week or so.


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