Yuri Takhteyev qaramazov at
Sun Mar 16 21:31:11 EDT 2008

> So, if the problem is confusion (or perceived confusion) over the

> name, perhaps the Perl modules could be something like `Text::MD` and

> `Text::MDX` (or `Text::MD::Extra`). I'm sure others here could come up

> with more creative names.

I don't think there is any practical confusion about names. I think
there is a difference of opinion about how communities like this ought
to function and in particular what a community like this should do
when the original author is mostly AWOL, only coming back occasionally
to throw unjustified insults on people who are trying to fix things.

Yes, many projects have gone through this. In some the leader showed
some wisdom eventually, some got forked, some stagnated and died. I
am pretty sure #1 is not an option for us, so I think we need to think
whether we prefer second or third option. By "forking" of course I
don't mean forking the code (this has been done de facto a while
back), but rather coming up with a clear and forward-looking
specification that enough of us could agree on, which will give us two
versions of markdown instead of two dozen. If Gruber decides he
"despises" our specification, we should simply call it something other
than "Markdown". Those who are happy with 1.0.1 can then
keep using it, without being bothered with all of this talk about bug
fixes. The rest of us could move forward under a different name.

- yuri


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