[ANN] Text::Markdown 1.0.17

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Mon Mar 17 06:39:38 EDT 2008

I pushed Text::Markdown & Text::MultiMarkdown version 1.0.17 to CPAN
late last night, and it's now indexed and you can see it on

You can get it from:

And if you'd like to browse the HTML documentation:

Salient features in this release:

- Refactored the internals so that Text::Markdown is a standalone
implementation which Text::MultiMarkdown extends without all the
hideous copy-pasting of code (or the 'original brand' Markdown being
a thin wrapper on MultiMarkdown with features disabled). Also removes
quite a lot of copy & paste code from within Markdown itself, by
extracting a number of things into their own methods so that they can
be appropriately overridden / reused.

- Bundled Markdown.pl and MultiMarkdown.pl scripts in the
distribution. These are not installed by default (or if the module is
installed non-interactively), but are present if you say 'Yes' to
them during install. These should be compatible with the original

- Runs faster than the pervious version as some regular
expressions have been optimised.

For those who are interested, a more detailed changelog is bundled
with the release.


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