No Markdown in <div>s or <table>s ?

david parsons orc at
Thu Apr 23 16:58:20 EDT 2009

In article <3561cc6d0904231309q585644aj4e3ae5321b2443af at>,
Dan Dascalescu <markdown-discuss at> wrote:

>From a utilitarian standpoint, does it benefit anyone that Markdown

>doesn't parse markup inside divs?

It makes the syntax a little bit clearer not to have that
special case, and it may stop some screamingly horrible
parser edgecases.

Quite a few markdown implementations have extensions to do
markupable divisions. None of them are very pretty, and
that might be enough to keep them out of The Standard(tm).

>I do them as quoted blocks with a magic header. It works,
>but it's not going to win any awards for clarity.

-david parsons

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