Inline Link Error?

Michel Fortin michel.fortin at
Tue Apr 28 20:47:09 EDT 2009

Le 2009-04-28 à 17:18, Tim Visher a écrit :

> Hello Everyone,


> Can someone spot the error in the following snippet of link text? It

> doesn't work through php-markdown in wordpress and I just wanted to

> know if there's something obvious I'm missing.


> Thanks in advance!


> can come of us. "Every good and perfect gift comes from

> above" ([James

> 1:17](;&version=47

> ;

> "@Bible Gateway")) is one way that I might choose to prove this.

> In other

> words, in a very real sense, works of theology and doctrine and

> works of

It seems that PHP Markdown doesn't like a line break between the URL
and the title in the link above. It does that for images too.

Line 689 of PHP Markdown: change

[ ]*


[ \n]*

That should fix it (not tested yet though).

I'll fix that for the next release, whenever that may be.

Michel Fortin
michel.fortin at

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