Markdown plugin produces hash instead of content

Beau Smith beau at
Wed Jun 3 14:17:17 EDT 2009

I love Markdown. But occasionally I run into this rendering bug which
is very frustrating. I recently found it when using Markdown to format
the latest version of the [mt:Entries docs][1] ([Markdown version][2]
mentioned in [Case 79762][3])

As posted as a comment on the [Movable Type Markdown plugin page](

**Bug report in Markdown 1.0.1**

Using the following code in an entry body will produce a hash value
instead of the desired code:




a 7ac950327848428d111704c3b71bac6f

I can also produce using [this markdown formatted version of the
mt:Entries docs][2] (mentioned in [Case 79762][3]) in an entry body.
Once published find the hash under the heading "Combination of
Attributes and Modifiers".

This same behavior occurs when using the preview command in [TextMate](


I've searched for more info on this bug but can't find anything.
Hoping someone on this list may have a fix.

Thanks much.


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