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> Okay, thanks for the pointers -- I will see how far I get.


> So what is the relationship (if any) between the Python-Markdown[1] and the

> Markdown2[2] implementations?

Other than the fact that they are both markdown implementations and
both are written in python - none. Python Markdown has been around a
lot longer and has an extensive extension api. Markdown2 is intended
to be a direct port markdown.pl and is relatively young. To my
knowledge they do not share any code and are maintained by different

> Is this list primarily oriented toward discussion of one over the other, or

> open to more general discussion?

This list was (I believe) originally intended for discussion of the
perl implementation (the first - created by John Gruber) and has
expanded to be a general discussion forum for any and all

If you would like to discuss specifics or code regarding the
Python-Markdown implementation, we have our own list here:


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