More continuing text for tables

David E. Wheeler david at
Tue Jun 23 22:25:33 EDT 2009

On Jun 23, 2009, at 6:45 PM, Waylan Limberg wrote:

> Actually, PHP Markdown Extra [1], Python-Markdown [2], and Pandoc [3]

> all support definition lists using the colon as well. And that's only

> the ones I'm familiar with. There may be others. The point is, I think

> this is an established enough syntax used by enough people who have

> written enough documents, that it would be a little to painful to

> change now.

I actually submitted a patch to MultiMarkdown to allow ~ as an
alternative, for backwards compatibility.

> However, I don't believe

> your proposal mitigates Simon's concern regarding overuse of the

> colon. In fact, it would seem reasonable to expect that the very

> implementations which correctly support definition lists (using

> colons) would be the first to implement any new alternate table

> syntax, whether it uses colons or not.

If the tilde were to be formally adopted by core markdown, the colon
would not be overused for this purpose. And I'm going on psql as prior
art in suggesting the colon for continued lines.



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