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Sherwood Botsford sgbotsford at
Sat Mar 7 01:01:59 EST 2009

It's a monolog week for me. Answering my own post. Again.

Turns out it's not that simple. Consider the following input fragment:
(For clarity, I'm compressing the double spacing. All <div> tags have
a blank line before and after.

# Headline outside div
# Headline inside div

Run through MMD I get:
<h1 id="headlineoutsidediv">Headline outside div</h1>
# Headline inside div

IF I use DIV instead of div
<h1 id="headlineoutsidediv">Headline outside div</h1>


<h1 id="headlineinsidediv">Headline inside div</h1>


Which causes the w3c validator the whine.
I get this form of result if I have <div id=foobar>
but the first form of result if I have <div id="foobar">

This behaviour is identical for both MMD 1.0.24 (CPAN) and for MMD
2.0.b5 (FP's website)

I think that the regex that's scaning for a div tag is looking only
for a well formed one.
Being either wrong case or with a malformed id it's treated as text,
and surrounded by <p> tags.

If the divs match the expression it doesn't process the content.

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