markdown's reference links with the implicit name syntax - improvement suggestion?!?

Cook, Malcolm MEC at
Thu Feb 4 17:08:52 EST 2010

I like to use markdown's reference links with the implicit name syntax. It allows keeping a table of links seperate from the referencing link.

However, what I don't like is that I have no way of (optionally) including the table of links in the markdown's output.

For instance, in the example:

I get 10 times more traffic from [Google][] than from
[Yahoo][] or [MSN][].

[google]: "Google"
[yahoo]: "Yahoo Search"
[msn]: "MSN Search"

The hypertext it produces is fine, and includes the links as defined by the reference links. But I would like additionally to be able to have the table of links appears elsewhere in the html output.

Is there some way of extending markdown in this direction.

Perhaps a syntax like [][] would produce a table of links, and [][id1,id2] would produce the table for just links with ids of id1 or id2.....

Malcolm Cook
Stowers Institute for Medical Research - Bioinformatics
Kansas City, Missouri USA

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