let's get this established, one way or the other, once and for all

Aristotle Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Fri Dec 9 09:52:20 EST 2011

* Thomas Humiston <tom at jumpingrock.net> [2011-12-07 20:40]:

> * Richard Caldwell <nrc at offcamber.org> [2011-12-05 05:55]:

> > I've created an email filter to discard emails


> I set mine to flag them with color.

I have them automatically marked as read on receipt. And mailing list
mail goes into folders immediately, not to my inbox. Net effect is that
I don’t notice ignored mail unless someone else replies to it, and then
I can immediately see whom it was in reply to rather than having to
figure out why the thread is broken.

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