Help with Error: POSIX collating elements are not supported

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Fri Dec 9 17:38:08 EST 2011

doug said:

> I hope this is the right place to get help fixing

> an error when using Markdown on our servers.

not really, but there exists no such place, so
this place is probably as good as any other... :+)

> Compilation failed: POSIX collating elements

> are not supported at offset 116

> in /[PATH]/markdown.php on line 974

the error message points to line 974 of "markdown.php".

that is, the error comes from the .php script which does
your markdown conversion for you. i'm not familiar with
who maintains "markdown.php", but i guess they'll pop in
and help you soon, assuming they're monitoring this list.

it might well be the case, though, that there are _several_
people who've coded php scripts to do convert markdown.

moreover, your script might've been modified by someone
at umichigan, in which case "line 974" might be misleading.

so if you would post your copy of "markdown.php", it will
help people here track down your bug for you, and fix it...
(make sure the license enables you to do a public posting,
but most markdown scripts are of the open-source type.)

it might also help to see examples of an _input_ text-file
which triggers the problem. (if they all do, just give one.)

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