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Clint Laskowski clint.laskowski at
Sun Dec 11 10:14:38 EST 2011

I just joined this mail-list, so I apologize if this has been discussed
before, but:

Has anyone suggested adding a "todo list notation" to Markdown?
Specifically, I'd like to see an open paren, brace or bracket, at the start
of a line, followed by a space, a "/", or a "X", followed by a matching
closing paren, brace, or bracket, followed by a space and more text
recognized as a "todo" list item where the space means it's an open item
(not started), where the "/" means "in progress", where the "X" means
closed or completed. Here are some examples:

( ) Take dog for a walk
[/] Write business plan
{X} Send email to mail-list

This expansion of Markdown could lead to even more applications
implementing it.


-- Clint

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