here's the thing that tips the scale

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Thu Dec 15 21:00:11 EST 2011

ok, i waited for 2 weeks, and still no votes -- none! --
on whether my posts are sufficiently on-topic, or not...

and that basically confirms what i suspected all along,
which is that no one really cares one way or the other.

even the guys who put up the bitchy posts are probably
just having a bad day, and they don't have a dog to kick,
and the wife made 'em stop smoking herb, so they have
no way to chill out and get mellow when they're cranky.


so i'll still think about it some more, but it's likely that
i'll resume the short series of messages i had in mind.

a firm realization that no one wants to hear my points
is certainly enough to make me reconsider, to be sure,
and i have done (and will continue) that mental math...

but here's the thing that tips the scale.

i think i have a better way of specifying light-markup.

indeed, i am convinced i do. now i could be wrong, but
usually when i'm _convinced_, it turns out that i'm right.
so i feel an obligation.

thus i'm eventually gonna show the world my better way.

and _if_ the world cares -- always a huge uncertainty --
i expect that a very common reaction to my specification
will go like this: "i think you've got something here, and
i'm gonna use it, for sure, but i just wish that markdown
would support this, because markdown is so widespread.
no offense, bowerbird, but you're just one person, while
markdown already has that huge _community_ behind it."

that's what i expect people will say to me. (if anything.)

so when they do, i wanna be able to reply by saying this:
"you know, i agree with you completely. i don't want to
have to make all this crap by myself. i have better things
to do than support a bunch of users who i don't charge.
especially since i'm going up against the market-leader.
so i tried to get markdown developers to attend to this.
i tried and tried and tried. but they just wouldn't listen.
so finally i had to release it myself, to benefit the world."

so that's the bottom line.

i _wish_ you guys would listen to me.

i really do.

but i ain't gonna kiss your asses.

so i'm here to tell you something.

so i can tell other people that i _tried_ to tell you.

whether or not you listen to me is entirely up to you.

and there's your fucking soliloquy for this week...

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