as the scale tips

Bowerbird at Bowerbird at
Fri Dec 16 15:23:03 EST 2011

i said:

> here's the thing that tips the scale.

i'm glad i wrote that post.

helped me see the big picture,
and understand my motivation.

> so when they do, i wanna

> be able to reply by saying this:


> i tried and tried and tried.

as i continue to "do the mental math",
it has occurred to me that i've already
_done_enough_ to be able to say that.

more than enough, actually.

so i must report to you that i do believe
the scale has now tipped the other way:
i see no need to make yet another effort
to explain things you don't want to hear.

that's how it stands right now, but...

...i won't lock in a decision until monday.

meanwhile... have a nice weekend! :+)


chris said:

> I'm interested, consider your posts

> generally on-topic, and would rather

> you stuck around.

oh, this ain't no "i'm leaving!" situation.

either way -- last-ditch effort or not --
i will remain subscribed to this listserve
and do my best to be the "good citizen"
that i've always been in the past. cheers!


p.s. good suggestions, sherwood; thanks.
when it's time for me to begin to compete
against markdown, all i need is one word
-- "inconsistencies" -- but i do appreciate
the thought that went into your message...
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