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Le 2011-07-14 à 6:01, Albert Skye a écrit :

>> [1]:


> I don't understand why the leading colon should be present.


> In any case, it seems reasonable to:


> - enclose attributes in braces (to indicate text meant for authors/editors rather than readers)

> - append attributes to elements (where they are likely to be somewhat less hideous)

> - use whitespace before the attribute lists for block elements (up to one blank line)

> - use conventional syntax


> This paragraph has an attribute list attached by reference.


> {ref}


> [ref]: #id .class name=value


> Am I missing something?

That's actually what Jonh Gruber proposed a while back when he was still participating on this list. In his view, only {ref} was allowed, you couldn't specify attributes directly inline. It's not that easy to find the old emails, but I clearly remember it.

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