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Thu Jul 14 16:30:03 EDT 2011

I've integrated direct support for Marked in my app, making it easy to use.

Over the last day, I've made some really big leaps in usability for creating MultiMarkdown *or* Markdown documents. A few of those features were pushed to the github repo this morning.

But it's really hitting an exponentially higher level of usability:

* Automatic exporting from MMD (or even MD) to HTML, LaTeX, OPML, Flat OpenOffice Document Format (IMHO better than RTF in most ways, but easily converted to RTF by LibreOffice/OpenOffice)

* Opens OPML as if they were hierarchical MMD/MD documents and lets you edit them as is (there are a few limitations to this "round-tripping" that I have mentioned before, but it's handy if you like OmniOutliner)

* Bold/Italic support

* Support for "paired symbols" - e.g. "[]" "()", double quotes, "``"

* dropped files enter the file path - useful for linking to images, etc

* a toggle that reverts to "plain" Markdown instead of MultiMarkdown

I have a few more automation features I want to implement (basically the sorts of things I implemented in my TextMate bundle)

* easier list creation and modification (indent/outdent, move up/down, etc)

* automatic closing hash tags on headers (e.g. add the trailing "##" to h2's)

Most importantly - I want an embedded version of peg-multimarkdown that doesn't rely on another installation. Currently, it uses the currently installed mmd 3. I know there are issues with compiling and my installer on older versions of processors and the OS.

Because this looks like it really is going to go from a quick proof of concept to an actual application, and hopefully *the* MMD/MD centered application I have been waiting on for years, I am thinking about releasing this as an app on the Mac App Store. Because of that, I won't be pushing any more updates to the github repo, but I also won't take down what's already there.

As I make a bit more headway, I'll be looking for beta testers (it's currently in more of an alpha/pre-alpha, though it works pretty well for the features that are implemented.).

So the flurry of daily (and more than daily) updates will subside for a while as I go behind the curtain for a bit.


On Jul 14, 2011, at 3:17 PM, Bowerbird at wrote:

> fletcher started work on an editing app

> with markdown-preview built right in,

> after reporting on his blog that he had

> "seen the future" in ali's post last month,

> where ali debuted his syntax highlighter,

> and fletcher is releasing versions daily...


> >

> >

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